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to our short English one-pager website. Here you will find all the essential facts about our company, our services and our value proposition. Feel free to contact us. Our doors are wide open.

Our new Product

SIWIAT ist our brand new solution für sens data integration in business processes. SIWIAT comes as a little industrial grade hardware box with app technology on board.

Read more about SIWIAT at http://siwiat.com

Our Services

What is Ondics GmbH?

Ondics is a German service provider for the internet. We specialize in internet services for small and medium-sized businesses. Founded in 1996 we have long-term web experience and our clients appreciate our sustainability and our capability to innovate. We have vast experience in the areas automotive industry, banking & insurance, measuring device manufacturing, cleaning equipment manufacturing and environmental service provider. more (in german)...>>

Our Claim

In English: Apps & Webs for Your Processes. Our mission is to make the world a better place using web and app technologies. Let's get in touch to see if we can help You.

What do we do?

We provide services which help our clients to improve their processes, thus improving their overall performance.

Our services comprise

We are part of the SilverStripe Community. Please see our showcases on silverstripe.org.


Why should you come back?

We are known for successful projects. If you need a project to be completed on time, within budget & designed to a high standard then Ondics GmbH is your best bet.

We have lots of good ideas and innovate all the time. Please follow us on our Website, on Facebook or with Twitter. Or visit our Innovation Lab

We are Founders. We like good business models.

Any Questions?

Please feel free to contact us anytime.